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How To Detox Undigested Food From Your Body

Latin Honey Shop raw honey water sponge like effect on digestive system

Did you know that you could be walking round with up to 10kg of undigested food and rotting faecal matter in your digestive system?

It is like carrying a 10kg sack of potatoes everywhere you go.

Latin Honey Shop undigested waste matter can weigh the same as a 10kg sack of potatoes

Imagine the amount of toxins that this dead and decaying bacterial waste could be producing inside your body?

Autointoxication is a condition caused when undirected food or faecal matter remains trapped inside the body for weeks or months.

Latin Honey Shop undigested waste matter in digestive system

With time, this can lead to digestive problems such as constipation, excessive gas and bloating, or disease.

Researchers have found that up to 90% of diseases can be traced to an unhealthy digestive system.

Flushing the digestive system every morning with a glass of raw honey water is an easy way to keep your digestive system healthy.

Latin Honey Shop Raw Organic White Velvet Mesquite Honey From Mexico

Raw honey contains healthy probiotics, “good” bacteria and living enzymes that go through the intestines like a sponge, soaking up undigested matter and expelling it from the body.

Latin Honey Shop raw honey water spong effect on digestive system

After introducing a glass of raw honey water into your diet every morning you may experience more frequent bowel movements for the first few days, even if you are eating the same amount of food.

This is just the body expelling undigested waste matter from your body.

After that you should feel lighter, more energetic and experience less gas and bloating.

The two honeys from our range that we recommend for the detox of your digestive system are Raw Organic White Velvet Mesquite Honey from Mexico and Raw Organic Red Gumbo Limbo Honey from Mexico.

Both are mild on the stomach and high in antibacterial properties.

Mix a teaspoon of raw honey into a glass of cold or warm (not hot) water and drink first thing in the morning on an empty stomach before breakfast.

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