Latin Honey Shop Export Raw Organic Unpasteurised Award Winning Honey

Latin Honey Shop Export

Would you be interested in making a profit by importing our range of award winning organic honeys into your country and then reselling them?

Do you run a shop, pharmacy or other physical or online retail outlet?

Have you had a bad experience with importing fake Chinese, Indian or manuka honey?

Consumers all over the world are leaving runny supermarket "honey" in favour of unpasteurised organic honey. And they are paying big money for it.

With minimum order quantities of just one pallet of 2000 jars, we provide a shelf ready product for export including:

- Applying your language label stickers onto our jars to comply with your country's legal requirements.

- Sanitary health certificate from the UK authorities

- Certificate of origin from UK chambers of commerce

- Organic certificate from the UK Organic Food Federation

- Shipping by air or sea

- Export guidance on how to market our honeys

Send us an email on for an electronic copy of our brochure and to discuss further.