A Natural H Pylori Remedy Without Using Antibiotics

Helicobacter pylori ("H pylori" for short) is a bacteria that lives in the mucus lining of the stomach. According to some estimates, over 1 in 3 people all over the world live with H pylori in their stomach.

Most people who have H pylori caught it during childhood, possibly from other children or possibly from something they ate.

The good news is that in the majority of cases, most people who have H pylori in their digestive system won't develop any problems.

The bad news is that in some cases if H pylori is untreated, it can develop into stomach ulcers and intestinal ulcers as well as a lifetime of indigestion problems.

In rare cases it can develop into cancers of the digestive system.

H pylori is diagnosed by a simple blood test. If you believe you may have H pylori, ask your GP for a H pylori blood test.

H pylori is treated by a two week course of different medications including strong antibiotics.

However, there is another natural home remedy for H pylori which had a good success rate according to a scientific study.


A 2012 study in Iran treated a number of H pylori patients using a mixture of Nigella sativa black seed and raw organic honey mixed in water.

The patients were told to drink 2g of black seed mixed with 5g (a teaspoon) of raw organic honey in water three times a day before meals, for two weeks.

Out of the 14 patients who completed the study, 8 of them returned a negative H pylori test after four weeks. This is an efficacy rate of 57.1%.

Which raw organic honey from our range do we recommend for trying against a H pylori infection?

From our range, we recommend our 20+ Antibiotic Raw Organic Coffee Bean Honey From Mexico to be taken with our Raw Organic Black Seed as directed above.


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