Which Honey Should I Use For My Health Condition?

Which honey should I use for allergies? Acne? Breastfeeding? Low energy? Digestion problems? Kidney disease? Urinary tract infections? Skin conditions?

At the Latin Honey Shop we are commonly asked which honey we suggest for various health conditions.

We have put together a table listing which honeys we suggest for which health conditions. You can download a PDF copy of it here.


Latin Honey Shop Which Honey Should I Use For My Health Condition?


Guidelines before using this table.

1. This table is suggested usage only, some based on scientific research, some based on anecdotal evidence. In accordance with EU directive 1924/2006 we are unable to make any health claims about any of our honeys.

This table is based on background information about the plants from which our honeys come, or anecdotal based on customer feedback. It should not be inferred from the plant properties that any honey automatically possesses the same qualities or provides the same benefits as the plant.

Our honeys have not been subjected to randomised double-blind controlled trials. We do not make claims or guarantee that they are a cure for the above conditions. A honey that helps one person with a condition may or may not help another person with the same condition.

Always consult a qualified medical professional before adding, changing or removing anything from your diet to treat a medical condition. By providing this information we do not accept any liability arising from the use, or misuse, of any of our products.

2. All our honeys are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. The 20+ Coffee Bean and 10+ Orange Blossom honeys are medical grade honeys with laboratory-certified antibacterial strength of at least 10 Total Activity (TA).

3. For general wellbeing purposes mix one teaspoon of honey into a glass of cool or warm (max 37C) water and drink first thing in the morning on an empty stomach 30 mins before breakfast. For medicinal purposes, drink twice more, always in water, always 30 minutes before meals.

Water releases the goodness of raw organic honey and the 30 minutes allow the honey to reach all parts of your body before any other food enters it.

4. All our honeys can be applied directly onto the face, skin or hair, including on open wounds and burns.

5. * Honey is not a medically recognised cure for cancer. Cancer patients take raw organic active honey to maintain their immunity while undergoing cancer treatment.

6. Raw honey should not be given to infants under 12 months of age due to the risk of botulism infection.

7. More details about any of these honeys, together with links to scientific studies, can be found on the product page of each honey by clicking on the link in the table for each honey or by visiting our online store at latinhoneyshop.com. A broken link suggests that the honey is out of stock.

8. Please email us on info@latinhoneyshop.com or Whatsapp +447534488614 for more information on any particular honey.

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