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Latin Honey Shop Raw Organic Rivera Gum Honey from Uruguay

Raw Organic Rivera Gum Honey from Uruguay

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Our flagship product, in 2011 this honey beat over 200 honeys to win the coveted international Biolmiel prize for the tastiest organic honey in the world. It tastes like butterscotch caramel toffee fudge with a lingering chocolate aftertaste.

Harvested by six local beekeepers from a small forest of eucalyptus trees on the borders of northern Uruguay and southern Brazil, this honey is one of the purest eucalyptus honeys in the world, with a eucalyptus pollen count of over 85%.

It contains an astonishing level of health benefits whether it is eaten or used externally on the face, skin and hair.

This honey tastes addictively delicious straight off a spoon, in creamy organic plain yoghurt, or on top of premium vanilla ice-cream.

Size: 454g (1lb) net weight in a glass jar
Colour: light amber
Set/runny: set
Organic: certified organic by the Organic Food Federation (UK), GB-ORG-04

Read on for more details about the origin, taste and health benefits of this set honey.

Deep in the hills of Rivera province where northern Uruguay meets southern Brazil lies a forest of eucalyptus (gum) trees. Bees feed on the nectar from these trees to produce our Raw Organic Rivera Gum Honey.

Once a year six local beekeepers harvest this honey so we can bring it to your table straight from the hive, raw, living and unfiltered.

Tasting notes: butterscotch caramel toffee fudge with a lingering chocolate aftertaste
Texture: Silky smooth, like soft toffee
Aroma: Butterscotch
Sweetness: mild

Excellent for: coughs and colds - acne - antiseptic - high blood pressure - urinary tract infections - diarrhoea - ulcers - dandruff
Raw organic eucalyptus honey has an astonishing level of health benefits.
It is clinically proven to fight colds and coughs and throat and chest infections. It has an expectorant effect on coughs (stops coughs) that is similar or better than cough medicine.
It can be used as a powerful antiseptic that soothes burns, cuts, ulcers and insect bites.
When used as a face mask it can be very powerful in the prevention of acne.
Scientific research indicates that it can be effective in treating diarrhoea.
Raw organic eucalyptus honey is also used:
- as a massage rub to soothe stiff muscles and joint pains
- as a natural treatment for dandruff
- as a digestive aid due to its exceptionally high content of the enzyme diastase
- to cleanse the urinary tract when taken in warm water
- to prevent growth of cancer cells
- during pregnancy due to its exceptionally high vitamin, mineral and folic acid content
- to increase general immunity to infections and diseases


Note: unless where specifically mentioned, none of these statements have been clinically proven in scientific trials.