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Latin Honey Shop Raw Two Rivers Honey from Argentina

Raw Two Rivers Honey from Argentina

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A crystallised set honey from the biodiversity-rich land of Argentina, the world's largest exporter of honey.

A 2010 scientific study of honey from this region revealed that it typically contains up to 47 different flower pollen types, a figure that even surpasses honeys from the Brazilian mangrove wetlands.

Size: 454g (1lb) net weight in a glass jar
Colour: amber
Set/runny: set, crystallised

Read on for more details about the origin, taste and uses of this crystallised set honey.

Sandwiched between the Parana and Mocoreta rivers lies the Entre Rios (“between rivers”) region of north-eastern Argentina. It is the fourth largest honey producing region of Argentina.

It has a moderate climate with hot summers. Once a year the cool pampero winds from the south bring relief to its scorching summers and produce an abundance of freshwater flowers that are not found anywhere else in the world.

Local beekeepers harvest this honey once a year so it can be brought to your table raw, unfiltered and unprocessed. 

Tasting notes: Warm, fresh, fruity notes of green melon with tones of sweet vanilla and a crispy floral finish
Texture: Set, crystallised with fondant like crystals
Aroma: Aromatic, of fresh flowers and sweet vanilla
Sweetness: sweet

This honey tastes delicious on toast, porridge, with cheddar cheese or vanilla ice cream.

Two separate scientific studies conducted in Argentina in 2006 and 2010 on the honeys of this region found up to 119 different types of pollen, with the average honey containing pollen from an average of 30 different flowers and plants.

Honeys from this region are known for their high pollen content of White Sweet Clover, Smartweed, Laceflower and the Toothpick Plant.

  • The White Sweet Clover plant has been used in traditional Native American and Egyptian medicine for centuries. It has aspirin-like blood thinning properties due to its main active ingredient coumarin.
  • White Sweet Clover plant extracts are also used to relieve tension headaches, earaches, insomnia and anxiety.
  • When used externally White Sweet Clover plant extracts are used as an antiseptic on wounds, burns and boils.
  • The Smartweed plant has a history of use in Peru to treat bacterial infections. A 2010 study in Peru discovered that out of over 140 plant species tested, Smartweed was found to be one of the most effective in combating the bacteria that cause E Coli and MRSA infections.
  • Scientific research in East Asia also found the Smartweed plant to be effective in treating fungal infections of the skin and relieving the symptoms of arthritis.
  • The Laceflower plant is used in India to treat psoriasis.
  • In Egypt, tea made from the Toothpick Plant is used to treat kidney stones by its ability to slow down the buildup of calcium oxalate crystals in the kidneys.

This honey can be used like ordinary honey but is best taken as a teaspoon of this honey mixed into a glass of cool or warm (not hot) water and drunk three times a day on an empty stomach.


Note: unless where specifically mentioned, none of these statements have been clinically proven in scientific trials and none of these statements constitute a claim as to any health benefit.

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    Two Rivers Honey

    Lovely honey with a light floral flavour. All the honeys in your range are amazing and unique in their tastes. You can certainly taste the difference between the supermarket honeys and the raw organic ones that you sell!

    Once again... the best honey I've tried. Will be going back for more!!!

    I have to admit, I love these honey, especially the fact that it's raw. I've started giving the kids honey in the morning..

    Best honey bought

    First time ordering honey online, not expecting it to be of such high quality.
    Will definitely be purchasing more and recommending to friends and family ...
    Having tried honey from all over the world, this is one of the best. A very pure and tasty honey.
    The taste lingers on in the mouth.


    Very nice love the different tastes to all the honey flavours.

    Excellent honey

    Really excellent honey!!