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Raw Pacific Avocado Honey from Mexico

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A black, buttery-silky smooth honey with tasting notes of maple syrup and avocado, our Raw Pacific Avocado honey from the Pacific coast of Mexico contains some of the highest levels of health promoting properties known to exist in honey.

One of the rarest honeys in the world, this honey comes from bees that feed on avocado trees in the world's oldest and largest avocado plantation, 5000ft high in the mountains of Michoacan province in western Mexico.

With an incredible number of medically active compounds, the avocado plant is used around the world to treat conditions from acne and high blood pressure to stomach ulcers and mouth cancer.

Mixed in water this honey makes a nutritious, refreshing and tasty drink. It is delicious with premium vanilla ice cream or thick Greek yoghurt.

Size: 454g (1lb) net weight in a glass jar
Colour: black
Set/runny: runny

Read on for more details about the origin, taste and health benefits of this liquid honey.

12,000 years ago, Mexico was home to the first avocado trees known to man. Today, the region of Michoacan on the Pacific coast of western Mexico produces half of the world's avocado crop. Our Raw Pacific Avocado Honey is produced by bees that feed on the nectar from these avocado trees, which are situated 5000ft high on the mountain slopes of Michoacan.

The avocado tree grows 20m high with leaves 12-25cm long and small green-yellow flowers 5-10mm wide. It only grows in tropical or subtropical climates.

Tasting notes: Bold, rich, woody, smoky, burnt sugar and caramel notes that mellow into maple syrup and molasses with a subtle aftertaste of avocado

Texture: Buttery smooth black liquid that is silky on the tongue but dissolves quickly

Aroma: Strong, lactic as if fermenting, similar to cooked butter and warm chestnut

Sweetness: medium

Mixed in cold water, this honey makes a nutritious, refreshing and tasty drink. With thick Greek yoghurt, it makes a healthy snack or breakfast. And drizzled on top of premium vanilla ice cream, it makes a delicious dessert.

Acne - high blood pressure - mouth cancer - bad breath - liver disease - antiviral - antifungal - boosting immunity from infection - iron deficiency - stomach ulcers - skin - hair - digestion - eyesight - cardiovascular health

Based on the "superfood" qualities of the avocado fruit, raw avocado honey contains an incredible amount (over 25) of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and some of the highest levels of health-promoting properties known to exist in honey.

With a very high number of medically active compounds, it is said to offer many of the same medicinal properties as an aloe vera plant.

When used as a face mask it can promote healthy, supple skin and help reduce wrinkles.

It can be used as a hair conditioner for dry, damaged hair and to promote shiny, vibrant hair.

Avocados contain carotenoid lutein in far higher concentrations than in any other fruit. Lutein is essential for protection against age-related macular degeneration and cataracts.

Raw avocado honey is also used:

- to neutralise bad breath
- as a natural treatment for dandruff
- to prevent growth of oral cancer cells
- to accelerate menstruation
- to combat viruses including herpes and HIV-1
- during pregnancy due to its exceptionally high vitamin, mineral and folic acid content
- to relieve symptoms of psoriasis
- to prevent acne

Scientific studies

A 2008 study at Ohio State University, USA, found that extracts from the avocado plant inhibited and destroyed human mouth cancer cells.

A study in Shizuoka University, Japan, in 2000, found that compounds naturally present in avocados reduce liver disease.

For maximum health benefits, eat a teaspoon of this honey first thing in the morning on an empty stomach or mix it into a glass of cool water and drink it.

For medicinal purposes, mix a teaspoon of this honey into a glass of cool water and drink three times a day.


Note: unless where specifically mentioned, none of these statements have been clinically proven in scientific trials.